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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. >> we begin with a standoff that's lasted now for several hours, and it continues. right now, a stretch of 580 remains closed as an armed man continues to barricade himself inside a hotel in san rafael. this is a live look now from our nbc chopper at the freeway and the richmond san rafael bridge. this backup delays for more than an hour for commuters heading west into san rafael from the richmond san rafael bridge. the chp has shut down a part of 580 because the man shot in the direction of the freeway from his hotel. we do know police are communicating with the man but have not been able to get him to surrender. let's bring in traci grant who has been following this developing story throughout the day. traci, what's the very latest? >> reporter: well, i want you to take a look at this, police have a blockade set up on kerner
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street. it is right next to the hotel. many of these officers have been lined up for almost nine hours, ready to make the next move, and it could be any minute or it could be late into the night. san rafael police say that this is the armed man refusing to leave his room at the extended stay hotel. a surveillance camera took the man's picture during a shoplifting on sunday at united market on third street. that turned into a stabbing of an employee who tried to stop the man from running away. police say they figured out the suspect's name and location and came here to the hotel to speak with him at 8:30 this morning. they say that's when he barricaded himself inside the room. he says he has a gun and his girlfriend with him. police say when he fired a shot from his room across 580 at 10:45 a.m., that's when they shut down the richmond san rafael bridge, part of 580 and many of the streets surrounding the hotel. >> there's no rush and it's good he's talking with us and we'll just continue to talk with him and to resolve this.
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>> reporter: officers from across marin county and the chp spent the day slowly moving in toward the hotel. people on several floors of the hotel were evacuated and spent many hours waiting outside. >> the police came by and evacuated the floor and we went down to the lobby, down -- out the back door and down there where it was safe. >> i woke up, you know, before the police came to my door. i edndwohyer w didn't see any cars on the street. >> reporter: that's because officers had already shut down noisy 580. the officers say they are prepared to spend as long as it takes to get that man out safely. traci grant, nbc bay area news. thanks so much. in other news tonight, a second strike on b.a.r.t. by cyber hackers. this time the private information of some 100 b.a.r.t. police officers is now public. and their families are fearing their safety might be in
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jeopardy. kris sanchez is live at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: hi there. this is as bad as what a leading digital rights group is saying about this latest hacking, and a lot of passengers seem to agree, wondering if hackers are willing to target police officers what this means about their own personal safety. more than 100 b.a.r.t. police officers names, e-mails even pass words are now in the public domain after hackers published them, in response to a protest like this one july 11th when people gathered to decry the shooting of a man at the civic center station. to quash a rumored organization, b.a.r.t. cut cell service. that's when anonymous took aim, publishing the personal information of about 2,000 passengers. now some passengers fear they're getting caught in the middle when all they're trying to do is commute. >> i don't think it's necessarily fair, because i feel that it's good that they got b.a.r.t.'s attention, but to
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display people's information is just taking it to a new extent. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. was quick to respond, quote, with he condemn this latest attack on the working men and women of b.a.r.t. we are deeply concerned about the security and safety of our employees and their families. we stand behind them and the customers subject of the earlier attack. we are deeply troubled by these actions. while passengers are concerned about their personal information, they say the hackers, whether anonymous or not, are effective in getting attention. >> if they hadn't done it nobody would be reporting on it, they wouldn't have got their message out about what they're protesting about. >> reporter: now, another protest is apparently in the works for civic center station for monday, that, according to a tweet put out by opbart, a handle used by the group anonymous. anonymous not taking responsibility for today's hack. now, with he did reach out to the b.a.r.t. police officers and the b.a.r.t. police officers association and individual officers as well. none wanted to comment, but we
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do understand that they have handed their information over to the fbi. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. so do we know who is doing all this hacking? >> let's bring in our tech reporter scott budman. do we have answers now? also, is there responsibility from b.a.r.t. or any other high profile organization to secure their websites better? >> sure. let's talk first about who might have done this. anonymous later in the day saying it wasn't us, earlier saying it may have been them. but let's set that aside and there is a responsibility to any website that has personal information to protect and respect that personal information. if it was and your private information got out, they'd lose billions of dollars. should do a better job, employees trusting their
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social security numbers and credit card numbers have also been hit. that can't happen to a website that's going to be trusted. >> one said an 8-year-old could do it. are they just talking big or is it really that easy? >> i haven't hacked it myself, so i don't know. i'm not in that business. but for anonymous to say that, it's a little trash talking, they certainly had an issue with b.a.r.t. and the cell phone issue, but apparently it is a website that is fairly easy to hack because it was done pretty quickly, and that is just not something you can trust. >> scott, thanks so much. for the latest on the b.a.r.t. hacking scandal, you can go to our website, nbc bay you can even post your own comments on the story on our website. it's a sudden and scandalous ending to a once promising career. the police chief of oakland schools being accused of making racial slurs has quit. peter sarna is officially retiring. the district launched an investigation august 4th after a formal complaint was filed against sarna. a white sergeant said he heard
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the chief go on a racial tirade against a black officer after a golf tournament in july. sarna wrote in a letter stating he was deeply sorry for his pain and the actions that he caused and said he was going to focus on sobriety and recovery. he was also cited for a dui back in 2007 after he crashed a state-owned vehicle. the crimes against kidnapping victim jaycee dugard are prompting sacramento lawmakers to crackdown on the parole of dangerous criminals. the assembly bill introduced today would allow parole boards to take into consideration the severity of an inmate's crime, not just how well he or she behaved in prison. >> this is not a partisan issue. this is about the safety of our communities and i'm here to support reforms to our parole system that will keep those dangerous offenders off of our streets and out of our communities. >> the bill was inspired by phillip garrido, a sex offender,
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while on parole who was convicted of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her hostage. he and his wife are now under investigation for another child abduction, hayward police questioned phillip and nancy about the 1988 disappearance of 9-year-old michaela garecht from a hayward grocery store parking lot. the suspect description of the man taking garecht is similar to a photo of garrido in the late 1980s. at the time of the kidnapping, garrido was living in a halfway house about 20 miles away. michaela garecht and jaycee due guard kind of look like sisters when you see their photos side by side. the garridos have deniped any involvement in the garecht case. pot growing is turning into a lot of green for the city of san jose. in the last four months, taxes from marijuana dispensaries from netted the city $1.7 million. so where's the money going? we bring in damian trujillo who
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joins us from the medmar healing center. >> reporter: we'll let you know, raj, medmar will not say how big a check it cuts the city every month, but it is a lot of money. they are paying that every month, for four months now. it seems the city has already spent it. this is where they come to fill their medicinal marijuana prescriptions. the medmar healing center makes a lot of money operating its co-op and the director says it gives a lot of it back to the city in taxes. >> they are getting a good chunk of change. >> reporter: in fact, an average of 71 dispensaries bolstered city coffers by $1.2 million and that's just from march to june. the first four months of the medicinal marijuana tax. >> i would hope that it's going to support some of the laid off officers or rehire some of the officers that we've recently laid off or to help supplement some of the budgetary cuts made. >> reporter: so where is the green going? >> it's going into the general fund to help pay for the real
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critical services that the city provides to the community. police, fire, parks, library, the services that the community wants and expects from us. >> reporter: but the money is already gone. the mayor and council used the current and projected pot tax revenues to close its $115 million budget gap this fiscal year. >> now, this will grow into that. >> reporter: medmar is a 4,000 member co-op where 7% of its revenues go to the city. san jose is a month away from establishing new guidelines for pot clubs, only licensing ten of them, not the current 105 dispensaries registered with city hall. medmar worries what the new rules will do to crime at the clubs. >> there's only ten places that are supplying 250 pounds of cannabis every three months, storing half a million dollars worth of goods on their facility at any time, no bank even does that. >> reporter: for now, medmar says it will keep providing relief for those with a
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prescription and for the books at city hall. and in november, voters approved that tax on the dispensaries. now, still ahead, another pot story, but with a twist. we'll introduce you to a bay area man who went from pot grower to pot farmer. we're live in san jose, damian trujillo. coming up, a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, 40 years ago they took part in an infamous experiment with some stunning results. now for the first time, they meet face to face. we're there for the emotional reunion. the golf course may be on its last links. i'm maryann favreau. i'll explain why the city may close it, coming up in a live report. also the bay bridge goes high tech. the tiny devices helping keep drivers safe. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a wide mix of temperatures today. who is the hottest?
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cam pell bell coming in with 93, and still average in san jose and also san francisco with a mix o 6 and 70s. we'll have details on a cooling trend for your weekend comg up
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a north bay city councilwoman wants to rid her city of dangerous dogs. sonoma council member joanne sanders says this comes after last week's pit bull attack that killed a pregnant pacifica woman. she bled to death last thursday after being mauled by her own pit bull. councilwoman sanders has asked staffers supports banning the ownership of pit bulls within city limits. sonoma has considered such a ban before but it did not get enough support. in san francisco now, an attorney is on the wrong side of the law. michael hoffman faces multiple charges in connection with
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sexual assaults of three women. the charges include several counts of rape and attempted rape. the san francisco da's office is holding hoffman on $3 million bail. prosecutors claim the 49-year-old employment attorney contacted women through craigslist and later assaulted each of them inside of his apartment and at the aquatic park neighborhood. >> the first victim we're alleging the assault took place beginning in march of 2011. for the second victim, we have a june date for the attack and for the third victim, an august date for the attack. >> hoffman is expected to appear during a preliminary hearing on august 31st. sfpd is asking for anyone who may have encountered hoffman at his apartment or other locations to contact the special victims division. the bay bridge is becoming more sensitive. today engineers are installing high tech sensors on the bridge's support beams to detect any flaups that could be dangerous. crews are attaching more than 600 listening devices in strategic places that will alert
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caltrans immediately if there is a problem. this is in response to a defect found during a routine inspection during the 2009 labor day closure. the aybars, of which there are hundreds on the bridge, are the main areas of concern. the project is estimated to cost more than $3 million. it's also being considered on the golden gate bridge. a popular golf course in east san jose may be on its final round. rancho del pueblo to save some money. maryann favreau joins us live. this is a fun little nine-hole public course. can it be saved and is it worth being saved? >> reporter: well, that is the big question tonight, raj. about 30,000 golfers play here every year. tonight many of those players are at a community meeting down the street begging the city to
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keep the course open. juliet is a 9-year-old who loves to play nine. >> i learned how to make sure my hands are right on the golf club, make sure i know how to take the club back right. >> reporter: it's a family affair. she plays at rancho del pueblo in east san jose several times a week with her dad and sisters. she also comes to this course for the first tee program, which helps 500 disadvantaged kids learn life skills by playing golf. but that could soon change. the city is considering closing this course to save $2 million. >> $2 million is enough to pay for an entire fire station staffing. it's enough to pay for two big libraries. it's enough to pay for four or five community center operations. it's enough to keep a lot of police officers employed rrp the course may look green but it's operating in the red, losing nearly $280,000 a year. with the city facing a budget hole of more than $80 million next year, the mayor says it
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just can't afford to keep these holes open. retired teacher jesse barajas is a regular here. he loves having a course in his neighborhood, especially one with bargain rates. >> for me, since i'm a senior, it costs me $10 to play here. which is really cheap. >> reporter: that's one reason people who might not otherwise afford to play golf give it a try here. >> this facility has such an impact on the community, both in the neighborhood, in the young people, and all the age groups. so it's hard to imagine what would happen with all those people if this went away. >> reporter: julie says if the course closes she'll have few other options to keep up her game. >> i would be sad, because then i wouldn't be able to have fun anymore here. >> reporter: for hitters, and hackers, this course is what links them to golf. as we mentioned right now, a meeting is going on at the may fair community center to talk about the proposed sale of the golf course. one of the options is to sell
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the 34 acres, but give part of it to the developer for perhaps housing, and then possibly use the rest of the land for some type of public use, such as a soccer field or a park. reporting live in san jose, maryann favreau, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, maryann. that is a tough situation. it's a great place to learn and play golf but if it's losing money, it puts everyone in a tough spot. >> let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> a spectacular day, just about as bright as your shirt janelle, our hottest temperature today, second day in a row, campbell. for those of you downtown, we have 92 degrees and the last music in the park of summer coming up tomorrow, so check that out if you're wanting to head to campbell for that. walnut creek, 92. we also had a wide mix of some 70s and 80s as we still had some onshore flow with us, coming
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back pretty early today. 78 san jose, 85 los gatos. 74 in san rafael. right now, yes, the san francisco sky camera is fogged in. no big surprise as the fog did start to roll in at about 2:00 this afternoon. currently 62 degrees there. we're also finding 72 in novato, 64 hayward. chilly for you at this hour and dropping to 78 in livermore. don't worry, even though those numbers are coming down a lot quicker for today, we're still going to have pockets of heat for tomorrow. the flow comes back in with the winds returning westerly again, five to 15 miles per hour right now. if you're traveling to the coastline or across the peninsula tonight, you'll encounter not only low clouds and fog but maybe even drizzle. it's the high pressure helping produce 80s here across the bay area and a few 90s. we do have a cooler flow well out here in the pacific. it looks as if we, as we head into the weekend, we may even
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have a few 70-degree readings in our interior sections with this cooler flow as the jet stream will take yet again another unusual dip to the south. as we look at our numbers as we head into thursday at 10:00 a.m., we're looking at well upper 60s and low 70s, so not too bad as we head throughout our thursday forecast for the early morning. if you're doing any traveling, we do have delays in florida, in miami, and we'll have more coming up in your seven-day forecast on how low those numbers go for your weekend. >> thanks so much, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, new hope in the fight against a deadly form of cancer. also, why using your debit card could soon cost you more money. i'm scott budman with aworr k r yr worries coming up. a sneak peek at some of the newest titles coming from the silicon valley's biggest game maker. ...sto and, unlher stores,... ...we don't make you come back to save. we make style affordable. you make it yours! jcpenney.
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reporter scott budman is back and here to say, guard your wallet. >> yeah, janelle and raj, we know banks want to make more money but this will likely be unpopular. wells fargo says it will experiment with a plan to charge $3 per month for customers who use their debit cards. this would be on top of fees already charged. the trial run taking place in georgia, new hampshire, nevada and oregon. no word on plans for california. they're pretty much printing money at zynga, the san francisco online gaming company has been successful with games like farmville, but zynga is now being sued for allegedly stealing features of games from a dallas-based company. no comment from zynga tonight which recently filed to go public. while on the subject of online games, the world's biggest game maker is admitting it needs to do more online. so electronic arts is about to revamp the simms and gave up a sneak peek into what you'll be able to play in the months ahead.
6:25 pm
if you're making water falls, then seconds later moving into a home and painting, you might be praying the sims. and don't even get us started on the fountain of youth. >> who wouldn't want to live forever? to be young forever, actually? >> reporter: that's a long-time sims player now working for electronic arts, maker of the sims, launching a whole set of related games that take advantage of the red hot pay as you go online gaming trend, making money for the likes of zynga and ea itself. >> and you can purchase new clothing for your sims, you can purchase new hairstyles, new furniture. you can also purchase new items that have new game play. >> once upon a time. >> reporter: and with just about everyone you know playing one of these games, ea knows it needs something new. so it's going to the dogs. letting you become an animal in the sims pets.
6:26 pm
>> you actually are now inside the head of the pet. >> reporter: yes, because this is the web, you're not just an animal, you're a social animal. >> significant life moment will happen, they'll get married, they'll have their first kiss or something like that. it will capture a screen shot of it, add a description and upload it straight to your facebook. so you can share with your whole social network what you're doing inside the game and it's as easy as clicking a button. >> reporter: you're sharing virtual experiences. >> exactly. >> reporter: so whether sword fighting in the medieval version, or exploring, the virtual world is still expanding one sim at a time. ea says it will start rolling out the updates at the end of this month, and they'll all be out by october. >> the sims. >> big business. >> those games are spectacular now these days, the color and everything. the detail. still ahead, police in one bay area city are warning parents about a suspicious man trying to lure girls into his car. >> also ahead, new developments linked to a dramatic shootout
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which was caught on tape. pg&e points the finger at who it claims is really responsible for the san bruno explosion. tonight, a bay area lawmaker fires back. and a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, it was supposed to be an experiment on the conditions in prison but the results were so stunning ntsearcher his to shut it theon ron nfioeeattw gbe anrdua and inmate. we're back in a moment.
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40 years ago this week volunteers took part in a research project that grabbed headlines around the world. >> today, two of the people who were adversaries during the so-called stanford prison project reunited for the first time ever. it's a story you'll see only here on nbc bay area. here is the emotional meeting. >> reporter: number 1037 wasn't exactly a model prisoner.
6:30 pm
on more than one occasion he ended up in here. >> barely enough room to kind of squeeze in there. >> reporter: this was known as the hole in 1971. today it's just another closet in the basement of jordan hall, and richard llaco is no longer that number, now a high school teacher in oakland, returning to the site of the infamous experiment. 40 years ago a psychologist enlisted him and 23 other paid volunteers half randomly assigned to be guards, the other half prisoners, to see how normal people would respond when put into a powerless situation. and what happened was stunning. a few of the guards began to brutalize the prisoners to the point of emotional breakdown. >> i thought there was one guard in particular that we called him john wayne that seemed to go over the edge. >> 416 will stay in another day. >> reporter: actually day everybo eshelman. he's now meeting with his former
6:31 pm
subject for the first time since this experiment ended. >> well, i set out to deliberately become the cruellest and most sadistic guard that i could be, using my imagination and using the experiences that i had that say hazing a fraternity as a freshman in college. >> he and the other guards intimidated the prisoners by stripping them naked, depriving them of sleep, and among other things making them go to the bathroom in a bucket. >> oh, i definitely regret some of the things i did. when i was in that role i was trying to see how far i could go before somebody stopped me and, yeah, it got pretty nasty. >> but i really felt that you had a -- i felt you were sadistic in a lot of the things you did. so this is something i felt that was different than a lot of the -- even some of the other guards. >> well, if you take a look at the way i've conducted my life for 99.99% of it, it's been rather gentle. but during those six days, i felt that i was actually doing something good by forcing this experiment to show some results.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: the conditions became so bad in this mock prison that the researcher was convinced to end what was supposed to be a two-week experiment after just six days. >> it gave me an understanding about the power of situations. >> wow, very interesting. in other news tonight, the finger pointing continues, pg&e now says they're not at fault for the san bruno blast. instead, it blames the manufacturer of the pipeline for the explosion last september. pg&e cites an internal document which says the explosion was caused by a 1954 manufacturing defect. the explosion killed eight people and leveled the neighborhood. the document also says that pg&e's actions before and after were timely and reasonable. >> i couldn't believe it. it goes back to what i said just previously. they will say one thing, send a
6:33 pm
nice letter, apologizing to the people of san bruno, apologizing to the state and saying how it would take responsibility for it, but then at every opportunity legally they'll look for a way to get out of that. >> vicki nguyen will travel to washington, d.c. for at announcement august 30th. 26-year-old arturo valasqees has been identified as the fourth suspect, he can be seen here on the surveillance video from the crime scene rushing into the club in a ballistic vest trying to kidnap the bar's owner at gunpoint. three people died. officers say two of them were accomplices. he and the alleged get away
6:34 pm
driver are both on the loose. san jose teenager stabbed outside mcdonald's is suing the restaurant's owner for failing to provide enough security. the victim and his mother claim the owners were negligent when crowds gathered nearby for a thursday night thursday in the park event. in all, five people were stabbed and police have made no arrests. >> i think a lot of out of towners are here not from san jose that corrodes the streets, you know, and a lot of things happen and people get where the personalties clash. especially with capitalcohol an drugs. >> i live near downtown and this isn't where you want to be, it's the last place you want to be. >> police tell the mercury news that the downtown association paid for 18 officers to patrol the park on that night, but when they went off duty, then the event ended and that's when the crime happened. about 20 minutes before the stabbings. in marin county, some
6:35 pm
families in san anselmo are on edge after a man offered a ride to a couple 9-year-old girls on oak avenue and waverly road. the man's vehicle is described as a white pickup truck with a graphic similar to a bug on one of the doors. the california faculty association gave a preview today of what this coming academic year looks like for professors and students at cal state campuses and it does not look good. more budget cuts may come, and the shortfall would trigger more cuts and higher education could be on the chopping block. it could also mean higher tuition fees and fewer class choices. >> that's what we sold last year and we see it again this year. fewer classes means it's going to be harder to get into running your program and getting out and
6:36 pm
graduating and being part of the economy. >> the cuts have also resulted in the elimination of 1600 faculty jobs last year. take a look at this, a remote controlled life size robot delivering lawmakers a new report on technology and innovation. this was today at the capitol. the robot known as rp-7 was supposed to be symbolic of the types of innovations california could be working on, the report was done by a nonpartisan nonprofit group called the california council on science and technology. they claim california's innovation and technology is lagging behind other countries and even other states. and the california will need to invest money to regain its status as number one for innovation. for the second time this year, the fda approved a break through drug to treat the deadliest form of skin cancer. the drug is called zelberof and targets a specific gene mutation. clinical trials show the pill
6:37 pm
could work better than chemotherapy by targeting a gene mutation found in about half of the patients. nearly 70,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma in this country each year. still ahead at 6:00, a historic change in wine country. >> a pot grower turned farmer and how he's changing the landscape of medical marijuana. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. in the east bay now, these clouds almost look fake on our east bay camera tonight. a lot of sunshine there as well with some of the hottest weather and plenty of 90s. otherwise, cool in san francisco with 64 and 69 in oakland. we'll talk all about wkend changes coming up in my detailed seven-day forecast.
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6:40 pm
for decades now, marijuana growers have kept a very low profile. >> but the public perception is changing. it's now more socially acceptable. here now is nbc bay area's joe rosato, jr. >> reporter: napa valley is known for endless vineyards and wines. >> a quarter cup of molasses to it. >> i'm a heavy believer of epsom salts, i do believe in organics. >> reporter: he doesn't use his green thumb to grow grapes, he grows marijuana. >> this is what they call a pink panther here. and it's a few weeks out.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: his crop is 12 medicinal marijuana plants he nurtures in the backyard of his home. legal in the eyes of california under prop 215. >> it's a great crop. your money in grapes is tied up for a number of years before a return. this is different. >> reporter: but unlike many growers, carter doesn't farm from the shadows. >> amazing. amazing. >> reporter: recently the napa county farm bureau accepted him into the ranks. the distinction makes him the first declared marijuana grower in the nation to join such a legitimate body. >> it's a wonderful feel be to being accepted in that group. we don't have to hide. we just don't, and weapon won't. >> in terms of people who don't agree with that, i totally understand their viewpoints but he's working within the bounds of the law and that's what we're looking at. >> reporter: eric pooler was part of the farm bureau committee that selected carter, despite carter's crop of choice, pooler says it represents a legitimate ag interest.
6:42 pm
>> we're looking at agriculture and what it encompasses and that's changing. so we're just kind of flowing with the times. >> reporter: carter is also flowing with the times, selling t-shirts labeled with his napa valley marijuana growers logo. his dream is a day when napa valley is as famous for its cannabis as its cabernet. >> they're not on top of three international airports, they don't have the accommodations and all the -- what we do -- have in place for the wine industry already. >> until then, carter plans to continue to stump for medical marijuana, trying to change perspectives, one bud at a time. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> quite a farm. >> definitely. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing pretty good. we have a few puffs of white clouds out there. >> jeff. >> it's a weather transition. ah, that's what we get paid for. the transition, right? yes, with he do have a little cloud cover out here in oakland.
6:43 pm
we'll talk more about my cooling weekend forecast coming right up. and coming up in sports, we head out live to the 49ers and raiders training camp and another giants injury. say it ain't so. we'llel tl tell you when to exp the bearded one back on the mound for the orange and black up next. gsq
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okay. let's get a check of our forecast with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> that sounds good, you guys. i took to my facebook today and i talked about how the la nina pattern is starting to end. are there any complaints, are we happy out there. and all i got was i'm happy, i'm happy, this is amazing, you rock, great weather. so i'm taking it that this weather is just what you want here across the bay area. we did have 93 in campbell, walnut creek hit 92. 88 danville, those were the hottest temperatures across the bay area. there was also a string of 70s and 80s. so it really was a function of course of the fog here moving in throughout the bay area. 78 san jose, 85 los gatos, 72 santa cruz and 64 san francisco and also 74 san rafael. a real nice day out here with a few puffs of clouds right throughout oakland. winds wester lip at 14 and then as we take you into san
6:46 pm
francisco we're completely fogged in at this hour and 62. winds very strong and onshore sustained west at 20 miles per hour, even gusting into the mid20s. if you're headed into downtown san francisco tonight, bring the jacket by all means. liv livermore, go without the jacket. 62 santa cruz. tonight we'll find the patchy fog at the coastline, maybe even drizzle here for the peninsula. then throughout thursday, the warmest spot will be the east bay with plenty of 80s in the forecast. we're still looking at a cooling trend for this weekend. for right now, though, high pressure is edging up from the south. normally we see that right on top of central california, and that's when we get the hot, 90-degree weather. but it's going to stay plenty 80s, and for friday we'll see the numbers going down, a transitional day before we notice more marked cooling for your saturday and your sunday. as we head throughout tonight, we're going to find the low clouds inland. we'll start off tomorrow morning here with some fog at the
6:47 pm
coastline, the peninsula, low clouds in the north bay, and some of the low clouds may even make it towards berkeley. also alamo hills and walnut creek as well. south bay looks like it's going to be starting off sunny, and then we'll see plenty of sunshine across the entire bay area by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. as we head into tonight, let's get you into the numbers. no delay here, 58 san jose, 52 santa rosa. for thursday, we're going with 88 in gilroy, so it's going to stay near average, even slightly above here for some of us. 86 dublin, 86 livermore, and little bit cooler for the peninsula, 76 san mateo, 79 redwood city and 87 concord. saving on those electric bills, as it's been pretty mild for august. definitely not the coolest august on record, but it has been very, very pleasant. morning time on the weather channel on cable and you can see on our seven-day forecast we keep with the trend of upper 80s
6:48 pm
yet again tomorrow. upper 60s to near 70 at the coast and by this weekend we'll cool things down to the 80s and rough seas if you're doing any traveling to the beaches, be forewarned the rip currents could be dangerous and next monday we know a lot of schools are going to be starting back next monday. we're expecting mostly sunny skies and 80s. no excuses for not making it back to class monday because the weather looks great. >> i was just going to your facebook page to see if any more comments were added. >> yes. >> i just realized we're not friends. >> what? >> thanks a lot. i think i asked you to be my friend and you totally turned me down. just kidding. >> so it's my duty, i've got to go to your page. >> will you accept me? >> eswhy. yes. >> we'll break it up. let's go to sports. we bring in our facebook friend henry from our news room and here's the deal. at any point with all the injuries from the giants, just get through the sports cast
6:49 pm
without getting hurt. that would be an accomplishment. >> i'll try not to trip and fall over here. you know, the champs have taken some heavy hits over the past couple of weeks, after being attacked by the injury bug. true champs never make excuses. will the giants be able to get off the canvas is the big question. the orange and black are facing the braves this evening. take a look, top of the first giants get on the board early, one on for pablo sandoval, mike fontenot scores, it's 1-0, san francisco. top of the fourth, two on for orlando cabrera. he will single to right. aubrey huff willog and tap home plate to make it 2-1. eli whiteside singles to left. that will make it 3-1. right now the giants are up 7-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning. speaking of the giants, their closer brian wilson, the bearded
6:50 pm
man, is expected to miss two to three games. he has inflammation in his right elbow. doctors say ndlswion's arm does not have any major structural damage. he allowed three runs and a blown save against the braves last monday. time for the gridiron, get ready for some hard hitting action, raiders visit the niners this saturday. week two of the preseason, we have in depth coverage of both teams beginning with jamie, are they ready for the raiders saturday? >> i think so, henry, i think more than anything they're ready to improve upon that very first preseason game where the offensive line was one of the big concerns and both head coach jim harbaugh and greg roman say guys like adam snyder have been playing both center and guard during practice. >> i've got a pretty good understanding of the offense. he's been giving me pointers and stuff like that, so it's good. the competition is good. we've got a lot of guys that can
6:51 pm
play ball. and i'm excited about how this is going to end. you know, see what the best five guys are and i think that's kind of the road we're taking right now, is get the five best on the field. and i'm excited about it. >> reporter: and the 49ers have signed a veteran quarterback to fill that number three role, his name is josh mccown, he did practice with the team today. thank you, jamie. hugh jackson and the raiders opened against the cardinals, but oakland played without several key players. darren mcfadden is expected to be healthy in time for the season opener. brody made the trip to napa to get the latest on the men in silver in black. three more days until the battle
6:52 pm
of the bay. give us the latest. >> reporter: well, here's the inside scoop, they say he does not have a bad practice and sewed was no exception. the raiders rookie wide receiver to those on the outside, say he's flying under the radar here at camp, and those on the inside will tell you he might be the best thing going here. >> he's a rookie. he'll hit a wall at some point in time. they all do. i've coached that position, know what it is, drafted those guys and watched them play. we've got to, when he does hit it, we'll show him out to get out of that and get to the next level. there's not being rookies that at some point in time don't hit that time where, oh, my gosh, here we are in week eight and it's like, the finish of the season for them. so he'll hit it and when he does we'll pick him up and keep him going. >> reporter: moore was a fifth round draft pick for the raiders and many say he's a steal being chosen so lo. coach tells me the way to keep
6:53 pm
raising the bar is simply keep giving him more repetitions and that will lead to more success. brody brazil. >> back what's back sunday, sunday night football where the big boys play. we'll have the game right here on nbc bay area, san diego chargers and dallas cowboys will trade hits this weekend. catch all the action once again right here, nbc bay area. coverage begins at 5:00. hey, raj, janelle, i want to know, what's up. i haven't seen you guys in ages. raj, is this you kicking me off your show or what? >> well, here's -- have you been on vacation? we miss you, henry. what's going on? who's scheduling us here? >> i don't know what's going on. only thing i know, you look out for me, i look out for you and he will would be okay. so i'll see you real soon. janelle, you're doing a great job. >> thanks, henry. >> here's the deal, henry, you, me, janelle will go to the raiders/niners. how about that? >> don't forget jessica. don't you dare. >> she's on vacation. we'll get her when she gets
6:54 pm
back. >> thanks, henry. >> you've got it, buddy. for a full half hour of sports coverage, including more in depth coverage, watch comcast sports net centralwih wit h ry tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, it's easy
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tonight at 11:00, was it rape or just fantasy that went too far? what happens when a strange sex game lands a bay area attorney behind bars? there's one twist to this unusual love story that could change it all. that's tonight at 11:00 right here on nbc bay area news. >> brent is how to tell us what's coming up on comcast 186. >> we'll talk the latest on the cyber-attack against b.a.r.t., plus, what will it take for us to break reliance on fossil fuels. we'll talk to a filmmaker who's put her international search for solutions on the big screen here in the bay area. plus, how to get your pet project funded. we'll tell you about a new website and one of its hot new creations that came because of it. and a tenth degree black belt, the oldest and only woman to do it. she's got an amazing story, 98 years old. >> that is amazing. >> comcast 180 in a few. >> have a great evening.
6:58 pm
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